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Connecting Londoners developed from the Networked City exploration into the role of network thinking and digital technology in reframing London's civil society and supporting social action.

It was started by David Wilcox and Drew Mackie on behalf of the London Voluntary Service Council, and is now being led by Matt Scott with David and Drew and a group formed following a launch event on January 10 2017.

The exploration also aims to complement and support The Way Ahead initiative on London's civil society launched by London Funders, LVSC and Greater London Volunteering.

If you want to stay in touch with Networked City you can sign up to an email discussion list or contact me for an invitation to our Slack team.


Briefing paper for the launch event

Networked City wiki with more resources and archive of blog posts

Additional reference on The Way Ahead and Networked City

RSS feed


Matt Scott @mattdascott1

David Wilcox @davidwilcox

Drew Mackie @admaque