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David Wilcox

Working groups publish reports on #TheWayAhead for London's Civil Society

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The Way Ahead initiative that aims to redesign support for London's civil society has now published reports from five specialist working groups, in advance of the major conference later this month.

The reports are on Pragmatic Co-production; Triage and Connect; Data Sharing; Voice and Campaigning; Consistent commissioning and funding. The reports are highly detailed because of the complexity of the issues, so I'm hoping that there will be an analysis and summary available from the System Change Group by the time of the event.

I was a member of three of the groups, and I know how much work those leading them put in. My thanks to the Triage and Connect group for referring to the Slipham Living Lab that Drew Mackie and I worked on, and the Co-production group for using some content from the note in did.

I've included background information on The Way Ahead in the post on the conference on June 22.