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David Wilcox

Earlier posts about London civil society

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Background paper for the Networked City launch event

Earlier blogs posts by David Wilcox at

Let’s talk about to make sense of civil society, a networked city and . What should we call civil society, and our exploration.

Exploring for London as a networked and neighbourly city: January 10 event. Agenda for the Network City launch event on January 10.

Help us co-design a Living Lab to show for London's civil society. How a simulation using a fictional London borough could help thinking about reframing London civil society.

Why for London civil society needs better communications and engagement. Report on a The Way Ahead event, and particularly highlighting discussion about the need for a communication plan.

Exploring for London's civil society infrastructure in the digital age. Starting the exploration, with Drew Mackie, on behalf of the London Voluntary Service Council.